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Air Transportation

Airline industry is experiencing fastest possible growth among different type of transportation. Airliners are increasing their capacity rapidly. Sixty years ago a Douglas DC-3 could carry 32 passenger or 4.6 Tons of cargo and today an Airbus 380 can carry 525 passengers or 338 tons of cargo in freighter version.


We believe it is quite important for air cargo to be received in right place, at the right time. We are committed to deliver our high standard service to carry your shipments in form of Door-to-Airport or Airport-to-Airport and even by using different method of Air-to-Air, Air-to-Land,  Air-to-Sea and vice versa mode.


With our excellent cooperation with all the airlines around the world we are proud to serve all your air cargo movement from different part of the world for Import, Export and inland transit to final destination by road or rail.

To assist all clients to establish a safe,secure,cost effective and reliable air transport as well as to deal with the urgency of movements in air cargo industry, Kazhal is ready to control movement of your consignment with care.


Our trained airfreight specialists can service your time sensitive shipments to and from any place in the world to your full satisfaction.


we pay attention that our world-wide network of dependable qualified partners can pick up or deliver your cargo on time to catch your market without fail.

Special shipments

We handle all type of cargo to be carried by Air 


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Any size of consignment is welcome to be carried