Any Where, Any Size, Any Type - All Cargo Welcome

We have two main type of dry cargo. Bulk cargo that can be transported unpacked generally in large volume inside the ship like grain,ore,and break-bulk cargo that are transported in packages. Before containerization in 1951,break bulk cargo were loaded, lashed and unload piece by piece.Containerization increased the efficiency of transport and reduced the shipping time to 84% and cost up by 35%.The first container vessel built in 1951 and start sailing in international waters from Denmark.We carry your less container load consignment in the same time that the full container starts the journey and arrives destination.  

Using a container from door-step of your factory or warehouse,you can easily load and lash your shipment and send it to your final destination.We can send your cargo with different type of containers like refer containers, iso-tank,open-top,...for your special shipments like fruits, chemicals and liquids. See different sizes and types of containers in Useful Information section.