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Bulkers make up almost 15-17% of the world’s merchant fleet. These ships are designed to carry different bulk load consignments such as ore, chemicals, grains, coal, … they have started their navigation in the world from middle of 19th century in 1852. They have different sizes from small single hold bulkers to giant 400,000 metric tones (DWT) capacity. Some of them have their own facilities to load and unload the shipment and some depend on the port facilities. There are some of them who can pack the cargo at loading time.

Half of the bulkers are Greek, Chinese or Japanese and more than quarter of them are registered in Panama.


Movements of many of consignments can only be done by bulkers and we can do it for you. Having contract with ship owners and shipping lines around the world we can provide such service for your consignments.Correct loading, using proper devices for loading and unloading of cargo,using modern fleet and specialized staff,time management and cost effective decisions is quite important in this field.